Save energy and money

Amazing results for RUMM – Energy savings achieved to date

Cash £ 28,589,419

Carbon (tonnes) 188,444

Energy kWh 416,758,135 

RUMM is the most innovative company in energy management systems in the UK; see how they helped our company The Celtic Manor Group save energy and money. They are an amazing talented team of individuals who collectively make it happen.

As a result of the measures implemented energy management UK annual savings of circa £100k were secured.

At the golf club, savings were identified and proactive alarming helped to maintain these savings. Air handling units were also improved and a faulty BMS system fixed at the main resort, providing further opportunities for savings.

If you are a commercial or industrial consumer with an annual energy spend of more than £250k then they can help you understand the costs, legislation and opportunities for cost and energy reductions open to you. Moreover they will help you deliver real energy and cost reductions and, for a lot of organisations, represent the best energy management option as they bring expertise and people to your site to help.